The right app for all aquarium lovers, allowing you to have everything you need needs just a click away.


Key features


Register your aquariums and everything related to the same as equipment or parameters.

Technical files

Detailed technical sheets of fish, plants, corals and freshwater and saltwater invertebrates.


Follow the parameters through graphics as well as the expenses for each aquarium.

Know everything you need

  • Fish

    Detailed information about different freshwater fish

  • Plants

    Detailed information about different plants

  • Invertebrates

    Detailed information on several freshwater invertebrates

  • Diseases

    Information on various diseases with symptoms, causes and forms of treatment

  • Fish

    Detailed information on several saltwater fish

  • Coral

    Detailed information about several corals

  • Invertebrates

    Detailed information on several saltwater invertebrates

  • Algae

    Information on various algae with causes and forms of treatment

  • 1
    Search for the desired technical sheet

    Search for your desired technical data about fish, coral plants or invertebrates. Whether fresh or salt water.

  • 2
    See the information you need

    See all the information you need to know quickly and easily, all to one click reach.

  • 3
    Add to favorites

    Add the technical sheet to your favorites list so you don't have to go back to it search and be able to consult easily.

  • 4
    Register your aquariums

    Register all the information related to your aquariums and follow the evolution parameters and the value of the expenses with the aquarium.

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Custom records

Keep your aquarium data always on record, such as the fish you bought, plants, invertebrates, parameters, test, feed and everything you’ve acquired by keeping an overview of the expenses you’re having with the aquarium.


With the use of the graphs you will be able to follow the evolution of the parameters of each aquarium individually, so you can see where you’re spending more money in your aquarium.

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Plants & Corals




Diseases & Algae


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Aqua-Info free?

The Aqua-Info application has a slight associated cost that is used in the development of new functionality and implementation of improvements in application.

I don't know the name of the fish, plant, invertebrate, coral I'm looking for. Like can i find it?

You do not need to know the common or scientific name of the fish, plant, invertebrate or coral you are looking for, just open the side menu on the side left, select the type you are looking for (eg Freshwater -> Fish) and then select the subtype (eg school). A listing of the records will then appear techniques related to the selected subtype. From there just select the plug desired technique.

I found an incomplete or incorrect technical sheet. Like can i fix this situation?

You can send an email to: with subject "Wrong / incomplete technical sheet" indicating the scientific name, of what type (fresh or saltwater fish, plant, etc ...) and indicating which data wrong or missing.

I don't have a card that allows me to buy the Aqua-Info application. Exist another way to make the payment?

Payment methods and the respective payments are entirely managed by the app store which makes it impossible for other forms of payment without be presented at the store at the time of purchase.

I cannot insert an image when registering my aquarium in "My Aquariums".

This is due to the fact that you are using an image too great. Reduce the image size first and re-register your aquarium.

I can't find the desired technical file. How can i do to be added?

If there is a technical sheet that is not found registered in the Aqua-Info application you can send an email to: com the subject "Missing technical sheet" indicating the name, preferably the name scientific, fish, invertebrate, plant or coral that is missing.


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*Works on iOS 10.0.0
*Android Jelly Bean and above